Self Care Sunday’s : How to take Care of your Spirit & Mind


Take Care of Yourself

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I Am at Peace


Self Care Sunday’s is a routine I recently started. As a entrepreneur, mom, and still working a 9-5. It can definetely be overwhelming. And I know that so many other women, aspiring entreprenuers, fellow girlbosses, and mothers deal with this themselves. So I know this is something we can all practice weekly.

  • minimum  time it will take 15 minutes
  • maximum  time can be up  to 1 hour

This sunday let’s focus on starting a new and fresh month. And let’s set the tone for a prosperous and successful month ahead.



  1.   find your favorite detxifying face mask: here’s one example 


2 .Find a quiet place to sit and relax : make sure there are no distractions for the entire 15 minutes or longer. 

So after we apply our face mask and fnd a quiet place to relax. we start the timer !

3. Positive Affirmations on Repeat. you can either lay down or sit up with legs crossed.  And repeat these 3 affirmations,  with deep breathes after every sentence

  • I Am the ruler of my destiny 
  • I Deserve success & prosperity
  • Blessings Big & Small flow easily into my life this month and forever

Do this for 15 minutes ( you can set a 15 min timer if you wish) and really concentrate and believe the words you are saying with every fiber in your soul.

This routine will leave you feeling refreshed and ready to conquer whatever this month brings you. Try it more than once a week if you have the time. ∇

fellow girlboss, Nakia Brooks


Heres some links to more facial masks you can have for future Self Care Sunday’s ! (these are affiliate links, in which I will recieve a comission if applicable)



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