Monday’s Girlboss Memo

Girl Boss Memo
Stay the Course. We got This!


Happy Monday, to all my girl bosses out there! This week I want to remind us to Stay the Course. I know for myself, that sometimes working and seeing no instant results, can be hard on our self confidence. And that it can too effect the way we work on our goals after we see no outcomes. But I want us to keep on showing up. Day after day I want you to keep pursuing the big goals you have set for yourself.

I recently opened an online boutique, Faith & Fashion. And for about 3 weeks I saw no sales. And I became very discouraged. I’m human. We are all human. And it’s ok to get discouraged time to time. But everyday I still kept working towards making a sale. Posting on instagram. Promoting, and everything else I set out to do. I did it. And in the last week I made 5 sales!! (*pats self on the back).

I say all this to say that no matter what happened last week. Stay the Course. Keep showing up. Keep striding. Because in the moment you think that you’re efforts aren’t paying off. The universe pours out your return. And not in small quantities, in excess. For all the hard work and daily  intentions you have been putting in. So to all my boss women out there. Continue to be persitent in everything you have your heart set on. Continue to work hard. Continue to have faith. And know that you have someone that always rooting for you.

girlboss Nakia Brooks

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🔮✨ Aspiring to Inspire ⚜✨ Follow Your heart, chase your dreams and do what sets your soul on fire!! Feel the fear, and do it anyway. And no matter what do not give up. Im here to inspire the world and mostly women to be unapologetically themselves!

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