Faith & Fashion| Cut Out The Self Doubt

Cut Out the Self DOUBT

Faith & Fashion is a brand that Empowers women to Dream, chase their Goals, and look Fierce doing it.  Here fashion makes an Inner and Outer Statement. It is ok to be a mom and still want to accomplish goals. It is ok to have bold ambitions. It is ok to want to change the world in anyway you can possible. Faith & Fashion is here to dress the go-getter, to style the girlboss. We are here to remind women it’s ok to be unapologetically YOU!


Cut Out The Self Doubt Collection






The first collection, Cut Out the Self Doubt was created to inspire women to stop Doubting their Magic!





Cut Out the Self Doubt Collection
I Am CAPTIVATING One Shoulder Midi Dress

Starting with four Bold and Fierce  statement pieces. All pieces express confidence.  From the I am Powerful Skirt Set, I am Captivating midi dress. I am Bold bodysuit, and the I am Love midi dress. All four pieces say to the world that I am here to conquer and no one will stand in my way. Not even myself.

We hope that with every piece our customers wear                                                                      they begin to let go of all the limiting beliefs that they                                                                  aren’t  capable of achieving anything they want.

Cut Out The Self Doubt Collection
I Am Bold Bodysuit

Copy of dazzle

This collection is for the women who lack the drive and confidence to chase their desires. Faith & Fashion is here to tell you to Cut Out the Self DOUBT. You are capable of doing anything you put your mind, heart and soul into. You are Bold. You are Powerful. You are Captivating. And You are Love. 

Girl Boss, Nakia Brooks


If you love any of these looks they can be shopped here ! Take 10% off when you sign up for Faith & Fashion’s Newsletter.

Cut Out The Self DOUBT

I Am Bold bodysuit –

I Am Powerful Skirt Set –

 I Am Captivating Midi Dress-

I Am Love Dress –

Comment and let me know which look is your favorite!

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🔮✨ Aspiring to Inspire ⚜✨ Follow Your heart, chase your dreams and do what sets your soul on fire!! Feel the fear, and do it anyway. And no matter what do not give up. Im here to inspire the world and mostly women to be unapologetically themselves!

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