How To: Walk in Purpose

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Did you ever wake up in the moring unmotivated? Uninspired? Meanwhile you’re  brushing your teeth, showering , and getting ready to go to work. Thinking to yourself how did I get here? How did I get so lost in everyday life, that I forgot to live? My question to you is, how did you get there? Now I want you to think real hard about this. Do Not rush to a quick conclusion. Do not play the blame game. Really sit and think to yourself, why.

For me it was fear. It was laziness. It was, I didnt want to change my habits. And worst of all, it was comfortability (yes the big gun) . I always knew my purpose. God had given me a vision years ago. Of owning a clothing store. Starting a youtube channel, and working for myself. All new year resolutions. You see year after year, I said this year I’m going to finally do it! And did I? If you answered no, then you are correct.  I was so scared. I was so comfortable in my everyday life, I didnt want to be shaken. And truth be told I was pure lazy. Movies and snacks was my happy place. And unfuffilled and unhappy was my life.

It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom. And had to fight for the life I wanted. Did I realize I was only hurting myself. When I chose to be lazy. Chose to not even try. When I chose to be afraid. See we all get choices in life. And everyday we get to choose the life and day we are going to have. Me after I picked myself up. Everyday I choose to fight and dream another day. What are you going to choose tomorrow? And the next day? And the next? I hope you choose to pull out the book you have your dreams written on. I hope you decide to work out. I hope you decide to go back to school. I hope you decide to open that business. I hope you decide to dream again. I hope you decide to have faith in yourself. Because you’re awesome. And to the women espeially, I hope you choose YOU. I hope you decide to Walk In Purpose!

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Published by Nakia Brooks l Faith, Fashion, Lifestyle

🔮✨ Aspiring to Inspire ⚜✨ Follow Your heart, chase your dreams and do what sets your soul on fire!! Feel the fear, and do it anyway. And no matter what do not give up. Im here to inspire the world and mostly women to be unapologetically themselves!

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