Stop Doubting Your Magic


Someone wrote a quote once that said  “Feel the Fear, And Do It Anyway”

Easier   said then done right? But one thing I have learned is, if you want to be free    you will have to feel the fear, and then do it afraid. I recently just opened my online  clothing store Faith & Fashion Boutique. Palms sweaty,  my heart beating insanely fast. I literally thought I was going to pass out. But I hit launch despite it all! The  scariest part of all is the unknown future. 

I have no idea if Faith & Fashion will succeed. I have no crystal ball telling me this  was the best decision of my life.  But I know without a doubt if I hadn’t leaped, I   would still be trapped.  I would be bound by fear. And that is worse than my   business not ever making a single dollar. Which it has ! I have already broken even  and on to profts! I hoped this inspired you to leap. To stop doubting YOURSELF. And  to take control of your life.  Jump, knees shaking, and afraid. But promise me one thing. Promise me YOU WILL JUMP!

Onlie Clothing Boutique

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Published by Nakia Brooks l Faith, Fashion, Lifestyle

🔮✨ Aspiring to Inspire ⚜✨ Follow Your heart, chase your dreams and do what sets your soul on fire!! Feel the fear, and do it anyway. And no matter what do not give up. Im here to inspire the world and mostly women to be unapologetically themselves!

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